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Our Travel Agency is a GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization) accredited family business operating since 1992. Based in the historic port of Piraeus, we aim to offer you a unique experience at the very cradle of western civilization, where you will see the rich architectural heritage of Greece, meet the people & blend with our historic culture. We cover nearly all significant Greek monuments in Athens & we can even will introduce you to authentic Greek food even bespoke wine tasting.

We also organize trips outside of Athens such as mainland Greece & Peloponnesus. Our small team of Tour Drivers are experts of history and mythology. We speak fluent English and will provide the required knowledge that you need with audio and visual media (photos, slides, videos, 3d presentations) to give you the best understanding of the archaeological sites you visit. We drive new luxurious smoke-free, window-tinted and fully air-conditioned vehicles (Mercedes, Peugeot) for an upscale private experience. We are available to discuss our culture and many different topics that you might be interested in.

This way a more flexible and less expensive experience is delivered to our travelers but please note that our Tour Drivers cannot follow you in the archaeological sites like Licensed Tour Guides.

We hope to see you in Athens.
Dimitris & Manos Taliadouros

Our Team

athens tour driver
Manager Director

Dimitris Taliadouros

 Warm greetings from Athens, Greece humble travelers! My name is Dimitris. I am a Professional Tour Driver and Manager of Athens Tour Driver Tour Operator with a certified license by GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization) in Athens in 1992 with license number 0207E70000490100.

I was born in Brunswick, New Jersey in 1986 and spent the first 5 years of my life in a beautiful house in Oldbridge. I have been living in Greece for the biggest part of my life. I started exploring Greece in my early years with my family and visit the magical places that made Greece special and learned stories that kept me motivated in Greek or worldwide history. 

I love traveling and I truly hate it when I fall for tourist traps so we are here to keep you away from those, show you the beauty of my country, talk about its mythology and modern/ancient history, to take you to amazing places for authentic food which is one of the major factors for a memorable local experience and most importantly make you feel safe.

My team consists of professional tour drivers with amazing personalities and super lux vehicles that share the same passion with me and know Athens like nobody else. So now that you know a bit more about us and you want to have an honest and more personable local experience in Athens or Greece in general, you are more than welcome to book your tour and live your myth right away!

athens tour driver

Manos Taliadouros

I was born in Athens, Greece, in the year 1955. I lived in the U.S.A. for twenty years. I graduated & worked my way up & became a U.S. citizen. I returned to Greece in 1990 & moved by Greek history I started offering tours as a taxi driver in the most important archaeological sites of Greece. I rapidly escalated in the tourism industry by opening my own Travel Agency "Athens Tour Driver" in 1992 & I committed bringing to my clients the best in value & quality services.

After some passionate years of hard work, became one of the highest rated private tour agency in Athens & later on TripAdvisor providing historical tours, transportation & limo services for companies during special events such as transportation for NBC channel’s crew during the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004.

Our Team


Greece located in Southeastern Europe & it is an official member of the EU, with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean & Ionian seas. Greece it is also the birthplace of what you know as modern democracy.

The ancient history of Greece has created so many landmarks, many of which are world-famous, so it could be considered that the whole country can be described as a famous landmark!
Most of them date back to the ancient & medieval times & combine history & natural beauty.

Greece nowadays is renowned as One of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world!


Some of the most famous Greek landmarks that you should consider to visit during your holidays in Greece, through our Full & Half Day & Multi Day private tours are:

The Acropolis of Athens, with the impressive Temple of Athena Parthenos (Parthenon), the ancient Sanctuary of Delphi, which was a religious & cultural center of the ancient Greek world, the Ancient Olympia, which was the original site of the ancient Olympic Games, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus & of course the imposing Meteora Monasteries, built by monks on top of gigantic rock formations.

Discover with Athens Tour Driver all the places that make Greece special!


With over 26 years of tourist experience in the industry, we can provide you with insider tips, in a country that offering a fascinating blend of the new & old, a long historical legacy waiting to be explored!

In a country with a Mediterranean climate, sunny sky, warm sea water, gourmet cuisine with quality - healthy food & delicacies & an ancient culture that have been loved from people of every corner of the world, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience during your holidays in Athens - Greece, from early Spring until the end of Autumn.

Discover it all & have fun with "Athens Tour Driver".

Athens Tour Driver - Travel Agency

Our office is licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) with the number: 0207E70000490100.

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Our professional licensed tour drivers & certified guides, can show you every facet of Greek culture, myths & history in comfort, luxury & style. We organize private Athens tours as also as excursions outside of Athens such as mainland Greece tours & Peloponnesus tours.
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