Meteora Tour

Tour Duration: 2 Days   Tour Destination: Kalampaka, Meteora

Start a 2-day pilgrimage to explore all 6 suspended Monasteries & fill your mind with pictures of the breathtaking views from the top of the rocky pinnacles of Meteora.
  • Detailed Private Tour Itinerary

    Day 1

    The 2-day tour of Meteora Monasteries begins with a relatively long, 3,5-hour drive from Athens directly to Kalambaka. The route takes places on the central highway leading to the north side of mainland Greece. The view is spectacular since we drive past seaside villages and agricultural areas aside the island & gulf of Euboea until we reach Lamia. Getting past Lamia the drive continues on a high plateau surrounded by mountains, past Domokos and into the valley of Thessaly. The 500m tall sandstone pinnacles become visible and we head to the top to visit as many monasteries as possible. The monasteries are 6 in total and some of them are closed for maintenance during the week but all stay open on weekends. The average visit time for each monastery is 30 minutes for the easiest accessible to 60 minutes for the hardest. The monasteries are St. Nicolas, Varlaam, Grand Meteoron, St. Stephan, Rousanou & Holy Trinity. The tour is finished near the evening at the hotel. The travelers may return to the monasteries to see the sunset.

    Day 2

    The day starts by driving to the top of Meteora and start visiting the monasteries before the big groups arrive to explore the monasteries we didn’t visit the day before.

    Around the middle of the day the drive back to Athens begins with a final stop in Thermopyalae. 2 hours are needed before reaching Thermopylae. The average visit time is 30-60 minutes and expect to see a museum which is completely interactive and equipped with 3D movies showrooms and touch screens in which you can learn every single detail about the Greco-Persian wars of 496 and 486 B.C., the monument of the legendary Spartan King Leonidas, the monument of the Tespians who fought alongside with the Spartans, the battlefield and the Hill of Kolonos on which the Spartans made their last stand to meet their death

    This tour end with a relaxing highway drive back to Athens from the same landscapes and the sun setting in the background.

  • Additional Tour Information

    Pick Up & Drop Off Locations:

    • Cruise Ship Terminal
    • Hotel in Athens
    • Athens Airport (Extra Charge)

    Places & Sites To Visit:

    • Kalambaka
    • Meteora Monasteries
    • Battlefield of Thermopylae
    • Thermopylae interactive museum

    Admission Entrance Fees & Discounts


    • Meteora Monasteries: 3€ (each monastery)
    • Thermopylae interactive museum: 3€


    • Free for children up to 18
    • Free for higher education students studying in Europe
    • 50% for higher education students studying out of Europe
    • 50% for senior European citizens over 65
    • 50% discount for all adults from 1/11 - 31/3

    *Physical or printed ID or University pass is required for discounts.

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