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Temple of Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin) - Parthenon

Detailed Private Tour Itinerary

Mikrolimano Piraeus

The Full Day Tour of Athens begins with a beautiful seaside drive along the Coast of Poseidon on the Aegean Sea which surrounds Attica Region from South-West to South-East. On this side you see Island Salamis where the Naval Battle of Salamis between the Greeks and the Persians took place, that brought the Golden Age of Athens to the victorious Athenians. The seaside drive continues to Marina of Zea which was on the main grain supply of Athens in Antiquity (Zea bread) and one the most expensive yacht marinas nowadays. The first stop is short over the upper class residential area of Piraeus, Kastela with its castle looking apartments to enjoy the coastal view of Athens and the beautiful leisure port of Microlimano (small port) located underneath. On the way from Piraeus to Athens you see Basketball Stadiums, Soccers fields, Facilities of 2004 Olympics, the brand new Cultural Center of Stavros Niarchos, the Onassion heart surgery center of Aristotelis Onassis.

Temple of Erechtheion

The tour continues with a visit at the trademark of Greece, Acropolis. The natural and most important plateau of the 5th Century B.C. with a height of 150m over the sea level surrounded by an impenetrable wall that offered the best protection against any invader. The visit to the Acropolis is 60-90 minutes and it's the first big stop of this tour. During this visit you'll see the the main entrance of Acropolis, Propylea with the Temple of Wingless Nike standing in pride next of it. On the top of the Acropolis you'll see the Temple of Erechtheion with a porch that is supported by Statues of Maiden Women Karyatids and the Pentelic marble Temple of Athena Parthenos, Parthenon. On your way down to your meeting location and by the slope of Acropolis you'll explore the ruined Amphitheater of Dionysos, god of entertainment and wine and the almost intact Herodion, the music school that was found by the 2nd century popular Sophist Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife Regilla which is being used for musical or theatrical performances by the most popular artists.

Then depart from the Acropolis to stop int the nearby hill Philopapos and visit the Pnyx on the top, the ruins of the old Parliament of Athens where the senators and Athenian Statesman Pericles found Democracy. The view of the Acropolis is amazing from this spot as well.

The Trilogy of Athens

The tour drive continues to the Parliament of Greece to watch the change of the National Guard, learn about the Greek Revolution of 1821, the guards' uniforms and see the Tomb and Statue of the Unknown Soldier. The duration of the change of the National Guard is 10 minutes every other day except of every Sunday that the Guards perform a parade at 10:20 for 40 minutes.

Departing from the Parliament the tour drives you in front of the Catholic Cathedral of St. Paul, the National Bank of Greece, Old Parliament of Athens (national museum of Athens) and in front of the Trilogy of Athens. The Trilogy of Athens consists of the Academy of Science, University of Athens (Kapodistriako) and National Library.

Panathinean Stadium

Then the tour takes you to the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The biggest Temple of mainland Europe and the oldest offering to the dedication of the king of the Pagan Gods. The Arch of Hadrian is located in front of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, dividing the city in two parts. The exploration of this archaeological site requires 15-20 minutes.

Next short stop is the Panathinean Stadium or Kalimarmaro which granted the second title by its construction material. This is a reconstruction of the old 2nd century A.D. Stadium of Herodes Atticus. This marvelous stadium can fit 60.000 spectators and was used for the first Marathon Race and Modern Olympics in 1896.

On the way to the the highest mountain of central Athens Lycabetos, drive past the Embassies area to reach the highest location of Athens (280m) and enjoy the spectacular view of the Region of Attiki and the Aegean Sea.

Temple of Hephaestus

The last and second biggest stop of the tour (60-90 minutes) is the Ancient Greek Agora in Plaka. The Agora was the heart of the city. The center of Democracy, Commerce, Education, Philosophy and every social activity. In this area you'll be left free to explore for experience culture, try local food, find antiques in the flea market and visit the Ancient Greek Agora with its reconstructed Stoa of Attalos, Ruined Marketplace and the intact Temple of Hephaestus.

The tour ends with a beautiful drive back to the Cruise Ship Terminal, Airport or Hotel in Athens.

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Additional Tour Information

  • Tour Duration: 8 Hours
  • Tour Destination: Athens
  • Tour Short Description: Explore the Acropolis, experience Greek culture, try local delicacies and visit every major archaeological site of Athens like nowhere else at your own pace & comfort.
  • Pick Up & Drop Off Locations: - Cruise Ship Terminal
    - Hotel in Athens
    - Athens Airport (Extra Charge)
  • Places & Sites To Visit: - Acropolis
    - Temple of Zeus
    - Panathenian Stadium
    - Parliament
    - Presidential Palace
    - Academy of Science
    - University of Athens
    - National Library
    - Ancient Greek Agora in Plaka
    - View from Mt. Lycabetus
    - Traditional Lunch Place (optional)
    - Acropolis New Museum (optional)
  • Admission Entrance Fees & Discounts

  • Tickets: - Acropolis All Inclusive special ticket package: 30€
    - Panathenian Stadium (optional): 5€
  • Discounts*: - Free for children up to 18
    - Free for higher education students studying in Europe
    - 50% for higher education students studying out of Europe
    - 50% for senior European citizens over 65

    *Physical or printed ID or University pass is required for discounts.

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