Delphi & The Monastery of Hosios Loukas Tour

The Byzantine Monastery of Hosios Loukas

Detailed Private Tour Itinerary

Temple of Apollo

The Full Day Tour of Delphi & The Byzantine Monastery of Hosios Loukas begins in Athens. After reaching the central highway Kifisos, which is named after one of the three rivers that flow through the city and leads out of the city suburbs to the north. This smooth drive on the highway lasts approximately 2,5-hours and takes the visitors through the plains of North Athens suburban areas, around the city of Thebes, past Levadia and to the slopes of mount Parnassus. Expect to see different landscapes, agricultural life and farming areas.

A short stop in a coffee shop at the base of mount Parnassus to rest and the drive continues on the windy but comfortable highway over the scenic landscape that leads to the top of mount Parnassus where we drive through the stone village Arachova, which is built on the slope of the mountain and overlooks the valley of Pleistos. This is a popular destination for summer visitors of Delphi and for winter skiers for the 3rd biggest ski center of Greece on top of mount Parnassus. Driving through and away from Arachova for about 10 minutes the tour reaches it’s destination.

Temple of Athena Pronea

The site of Delphi popular for the Temple of Apollo, The Oracle and the Pythian Panhellenic Games. This archaeological site & museum recommended visit duration is 2,5 to 3 hours. While walking on the sacred way, expect to see the old treasuries of the Greek city-states, the ruins of the Temple of Apollo where the Oracle was located, the intact Amphitheater of Delphi, the Polygonal Wall of the old Athenian forum, the circular Temple of Athena Pronea, the Stadium and the Gymnasium where adults and children where training strength and spirit for the Pythian Games.

Later the travelers have the option for trying an authentic traditional lunch in a local taverna that offers a magnificent view over the whole valley of Pleistos with thousand of acres of olive trees and the city of Itea on the Corinthian Gulf.

The Byzantine Monastery of Hosios Loukas

The final part of the tour is located near the town of Distomo 20 minutes away from Delphi and in the way back to Athens. The Byzantine Monastery of Hosios Loukas is situated on top of a natural plato on mount Elikonas about 460m over the sea level. About an hour is required for visiting the Monastery. A few highlights are the tomb of Hosios Loukas, the colorful mosaics on the walls, the hermit dormitories that were restored and offered for visits in 2016, the old bell tower that offers an amazing view of the area, a small museum with the old wine & olive oil mill and the kindling house.

This tour end with a relaxing highway drive back to Athens from the same landscapes and the sun setting in the background.

Additional Tour Information

  • Tour Duration: 9 Hours
  • Tour Destination: Delphi & Distomo
  • Tour Short Description: Visit two religious sites protected by UNESCO heritage & learn more about how human spirituality worked in 2 different timelines, with an extra hour to explore the Hosios Loukas Monastery.
  • Pick Up & Drop Off Locations: - Cruise ship terminal
    - Hotel in Athens
    - Athens Airport (Extra Charge)
  • Places & Sites To Visit: - Arachova
    - Delphi
    - Monastery of Hosios Loukas
  • Admission Entrance Fees & Discounts

  • Tickets: - Delphi Archaeological Site & Museum: 12€
    - Monastery of Hosios Loukas: 5€
  • Discounts*: - Free for children up to 18
    - Free for higher education students studying in Europe
    - 50% for higher education students studying out of Europe
    - 50% for senior European citizens over 65
    - 50% discount for all adults from 1/11 - 31/3

    *Physical or printed ID or University pass is required for discounts

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