Athens & Corinth Tour

Athens & Corinth full day tour. A tour that combines two important Sites of Antiquity. Athens Private Tour  & mighty Corinth Tour.

Athens & Corinth full day tour combines two important Sites of Antiquity. The democratic city of Athens  & biblical Ancient Corinth.

We start our Athens Private Tour with a visit to the site of the world - renowned Acropolis, a plateau with many monuments atop its rocky base, including the majestic Parthenon, the Propylaea, the Temple of Wingless Nike  & the Erechtheion with its Porch of Maidens.

You will enjoy an overview of the modern city ↦ the ancient theaters of Dionysos  & Herodes Attikos! On the other side of the Hill you can see the Arcade of Attalos in the Hellenic Agora & the Temple of Hephaestus.

We continue our tour to the Temple of Olympian Zeus the largest such monument in Europe with its Arch of Emperor Hadrian & visit. Our Athens private tour driver will drive you to the Panathenian Olympic Stadium home of the first modern Olympiad in 1896.

Acropolis Parthenon

We follow the route of the Marathon man & pass by his glass statue.

We drive to the top of mount St. George Lycabettus & enjoy a panoramic view of Athens from 1200 feet.

Driving back to the center of the City we pass by elegant neoclassic mansions & arrive to the Monument of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Parliament House on Constitution Square where you see the changing of the Royal Guards. We continue our drive along University Avenue where you can view the Catholic Cathedral, the Athenian Trilogy made of the Academy, University & National Library of Athens.

We drive past the monument of Ikaros on the way out of the "bowl" of Athens.

We start our shore excursion to Corinth driving along the western seaside highway. We see the historical battlefield of Salamis island to our left. We pass by rugged mountains with tunnels through them & scenic seaside villages.

We arrive to the awesome deep Canal of Corinth. Short stop. Man made shortly before the 1896 Olympics joins the Aegean with the Ionian Sea & saves 400 nautical miles of travel.

Temple of Apollo - Ancient Corinth

We continue to Ancient Corinth & see the 600 BC monolithic Temple of Apollo, Temple of Octavio, Pigasus Pirene Fountain, the Bema Mount where Apostle Paul preached, the Agora with its ruined shopping markets, visit the museum with many Greek-Roman artifacts & even see the foundations of a destroyed Corinthian synagogue. Near the Site we visit the Church of St. Paul with its unique mosaic wall! It is the place where Apostle Paul wrote "the letters to the Corinthians". If you like mountaintop fortresses the Acrocorinth one will impress you! Hundreds of years old has seen battles between Byzantines, Venetians & Ottomans. On the top there are ruins of the "sacred" sanctuary of Goddess Aphrodite.

A lunch break is included in a local tavern with view of the Corinthian gulf.

On our way back to Athens we cross the Canal from the submerging bridge & drive by a seaside village.


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Athens tour & Corinth tour

Additional Info

  • Duration :: 8 Hours
  • Activity Level :: Light

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All our tours are flexible. It is always up to you to change the itinerary to your needs

Admission fees and lunch are not included in the price of the tour.

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