Meteora Tour

Get one step closer to God and the Heavens in a two days Meteora tour!

We begin the trip from Athens by driving on the central highway which once was the river Kifissos cutting Athens in half that takes us past coastal villages, tunnels, mountain lakes and the plains of Thebes.

Then we drive for a couple of hours past the valley of Thessaly until we get to the mountains where the monasteries are located.

There are 6 active monasteries. The Great Meteoron, Varlaam, St. Barbara, St. Nicholas, Holy Trinity known for the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only" a rather difficult one with many steps, St. Stephen and another one built in a cave. We can visit St. Stephen monastery in the afternoon

Spent the night in a boutique hotel near the Monasteries.

In the morning we discover the Great Meteoron Monastery, St. Barbara, Varlaam and either St. Nicholas or Holy Trinity monasteries.

After lunch in the afternoon we start our return to Athens.

On the way back to Athens we stop at the Site of Thermopylae known for the heroic 300 Spartans and King Leonidas who defended this strategic passage to Athens the year 480 BC.


Learn more about the interesting history of Meteora in the article The amazing Meteora in the "historical facts" section of our website!

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Meteora tours


Additional Info

  • Duration :: 2 Days
  • Activity Level :: High

Keep in mind...

All our tours are flexible. It is always up to you to change the itinerary to your needs

Admission fees and lunch are not included in the price of the tour.

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