Delphi Tour

Discover the Oracle of antiquity built at the navel of the World as Zeus thought, with the Delphi Tour!

God Apollo came here from Crete riding a dolphin to the port of Itea at the foot of mount Parnassos and discovered the psychic girls in a cave guarded by a python.
Walk the same paths that lead to the Apollo Temple, the theater and stadium like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Leonidas of Sparta, Socrates and other historical figures did.

We drive on the Northern highway out of the "bowl" of Athens and pass by cotton and wheat fields of Thebes. An hour later we visit the historical village of Cheronia famous for its marble lion built by Alexander the Great to commemorate his victory over the Thebans here the year 336 BC and hometown of Plutarch.

We start our uphill drive passing Levadia village, the hills of Davleia known for the myth of Aedipus and reach the mountaintop village of Arachova.
We pass by the narrow road with its charming houses, shops, sidewalk cafe's made of stone.

Driving next to the Gorge of St. George we arrive to the site of Delphi next to the Castalian Spring and the "shiny" rocks.
Visit the UN Unesco site and museum that houses the Charioteer statue, the Naxian Sphinx, the navel.
We visit the nearby charming village of Delphi, built on the slope of mount Parnassos, with a spectacular view of an olive tree forest and Itea.

Try the local specialties at a traditional tavern.

We visit the site opposite the Temple of Apollo known as Palaestra or Gymnasium. Walk next to the pillars of the circular temple of Athena Pronoias first such temple in the world. Return to Athens in the afternoon.


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Delphi Tour

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  • Duration :: 9 hours
  • Activity Level :: Moderate

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