Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to pick me up and return me to the port/hotel at the end of the tour?

Yes we will pick you up and then return you to the port/ hotel at the end of the tour.

Prices are per person?

No, prices are per group.

Do you accept foreign currency?

Yes, with the going rate.

Are taxes, tolls and tipping included in prices?

Yes, tipping is appreciated but never demanded!

Is Athens a safe and clean city?

Yes, very much so! Sometimes TV blows news about protests out of proportion!

Are credit cards accepted at all taverns?

No! Some small traditional taverns do not accept them!

Entry fees to the ancient sites are included to quoted prices?

No! The fees are 4-5 euro per person!

Can our driver escort us in the ancient sites?

No! It is the job of a licensed tour guide!

Drinking age in Greece?

It is 18!

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, of course we do!

Do I need to pay for drivers meals?

No. Drivers expenses are covered by our agency.

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