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athens private toursAthena - The Goddess

Goddess of wisdom and warfare, of storm and meteorological phenomena, of agriculture and the arts Athena, daughter of Zeus and Metis, is the deity who combines bravery with prudence, and benefits the mortals more than any other Olympian god.

athens academy tourThe Academy of Athens is aiming at promoting the good arts, science, and it is the greatest research center of Athens. It is supervised by the ministry of religion and education.

The Academy is looking into the natural resources of Greece, supporting science, agriculture and shipping industry.

aigina private tourWhen visiting the beautiful Aigina island, it is essential to visit the impressive archaeological site of the Temple of Aphaia. Located at a height of 160 meters on the northeastern side of the island, it stands on top of a pine-covered hill, while below is the beautiful harbor of Agia Marina.

cape sounion private toursIntroduction

Cape Sounion is the site of an ancient Greek temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea. The temple is located on top of a cliff surrounded by sea on three sides.

meteora private toursThe Meteora is one of the largest and most important of eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. The six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars near Pindus mountain of Thessaly. The six monasteries seem to be "Meteora" (suspended in the air) during the winter that the pillars are surrounded by fog.

hadrians arch athens toursThe Arch of Hadrian is located 325 meters southeast of the Acropolis that spanned an ancient road which connected the center of Athens with a complex of buildings and the temple of Zeus on the eastern side of the city.

The arch was built to honor Hadrian for the many benefactions to the city in 130 AD. There were two inscriptions on each side of the arch naming Theseus as founder of Athens and Hadrian as founder of the New Athens also known as New World (Neos Kosmos).

hosios loukas private tourHosios Loukas Monastery, is one of the most important monuments of the Middle Byzantine Empire near the town Distomo, in Boeotia, Greece and it has been listed on UNESCO'S world heritage sites.

The monastery is located on a hill on the slopes of Mount Helicon. It was founded by the hermit Louke, whose relics are kept in the monastery to this day. The hermit died in 953 and was famous for having predicted the conquest of Crete by Emperor Romanos.

athens private toursNafplion was the first capital of modern Greece from the beginning of the Greek revolution in 1821 AD until 1834 AD.

The area around Nafplion has been inhabited from antiquity and it was mentioned on Egyptian funerary inscriptions as "Nuplija".

athens city private tourAthens has been continuously inhabited for 7,000 years at least, with the oldest known human presence in Athens being the Cave of Schist between the 11th and 7th century BC. By 1400 BC Athens had become an important center of the Mycenaean civilization and the Acropolis was its major fortress being encircled by the Cyclopean walls. Unlike other Mycenaean centers it is unknown if Athens suffered destruction in 1200 BC due to the Dorian invasion but the Athenians always maintained that they were pure Ionians with no Dorian element.

mycenae private tourIntroduction

Mycenae's fortress was the military stronghold and a major centers of Greek civilization that was controlling most of Southern Greece in 2000 BC. The period from 1600 BC to 1100 BC is called Mycenaean in reference to Mycenae.

corinth private tourPrehistory of Corinth

Corinth was occupied at 6500 BC and it acted as a trading center. There is evidence that the city was destroyed around 2000 BC. It was rarely occupied before the Mycenaean period and it was heavily occupied again around 900 BC when it is believed the Dorians settled there.

delphi private toursIntroduction

Delphi was the site of the most important oracle in the classical Greek world and worship site of God Apollo after he killed the dragon Python who was guarding the navel of the earth. It is claimed that Python was the original name of the site but the in the Homeric Hymn to Delphic Apollo it is claimed that the ancient name of the site was Krisa.

athens private toursThe agora of Athens had private housing ­until it was turned to the center of Ath­enian government in the 6th century BC. ­The houses where removed, the wells where closed and a drainage system­ was built, also fountains and ­a temple for the Olympian gods. Cimon la­ter improved the agora, constructed new ­buildings and planted trees. In the 5th ­century BC he constructed the temples of­ Zeus, Apollo and Hephaestus.

acropolis tourIntroduction

The Acropolis of Athens (Gr. akro, edge + polis, city) is the best known in the world. There are many acropolis in Greece, the importance of the Acropolis of Athens is so great that no other can qualify against it. The Acropolis was proclaimed preeminent monument of Europe by UNESCO list of monument on 2007. The Acropolis is a flat topped hill raised 150m (490ft) above the sea level. It was first known as Cecropia, after the mythological serpent-man, Athenian king Cecrops.

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